How to Use Website

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Armagh Project website. The countdown lets you know just how close we are to starting our residency in Northern Ireland. Throughout this website, you will be able to find the tools you need to be successful this summer. Take a moment to look around the site and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see changed. This belongs to all of us, but it’s so much easier if only a few people make changes to the site.

The Menu links you to several different pages:

1.  “Assignments” is where the professors will post your writing assignments. The professor will put their last name as an identifier and a date for the assignment. It is your responsibility to check this page to be sure you’re up to date on your work.

2.  “Our Blogs” is the timeline of everyone’s blog postings. When posting a blog, please be sure to check at least one of the categories so that it’s easier to find later. You will post assignments and your personal blog here. Readers will be able to find your writing through your username. Professors will be able to track assignments.

3.  “Gallery” is the best photos that we’re taking. This will be a curated page so please send photos to Joan Weber for posting. There is a limit on our upload space. Use the Facebook page for daily photos and fun shots.

4.  “Schedule” is where the daily schedule will be posted and changed every day. Please check here every morning because things may change at the last minute. This tab is the most reliable source of information about the schedule. Optional trips are marked, as well as some recommendations.

5.  The “Resources” section is just that. It includes the syllabi, the reading list, information about the festival. Anything that you’ve received as a document will be stored there. Please feel free to send recommendations for resources to Joan.

6. The final tab is for the “Writers.” Before we begin, it is simply a list with bios. Once the program starts, the author’s name will link to his/her body of work. If you haven’t sent your bio, please send to Joan.

Thanks! This is our page. Joan is the administrator for this page and the Facebook page, but is always looking for help and advice. Keep checking back or sign up for an RSS feed of the site. It will be a primary written form of communication.

See you soon!