It’s hard to pinpoint just one moment that sparked inspiration (makes it a little easier to narrow it down to just today!) I went to a lot of events today and talked to a lot of interesting people (including the American Consulate General!) all of which spurred little seeds of inspiration. The one inspiration that resonated for the rest of the day, for me, was John McCarthy’s reading. As he broke down the complexity of the Palestinian and Israeli struggle I saw this glow; he seemed to have an inner peace. I couldn’t wrap my head around how this man could be so calm and at peace. I guess I wasn’t the only one to think that, because that was one of the 1st questions to him. He explained (with a smile) that there was no point of him being bitter about what he went through. If he was bitter about being imprisoned then that would mean even with his physical freedom he would still be a prisoner. It was an inspirational reading, especially after learning about the Troubles and the conflicts that still exist, to see that it’s possible to gain peace after tragic past. Dare I say (it’s gonna get cheesy) it planted a seed oh hope?