It usually has to be late enough at night when I’ve become giddy for me to feel truly inspired.  Then I wake up the next morning with a lot of self-indulgent gibberish written.  Or I get inspired by very petty things like movie trailers, which is a little pathetic.  I’m either too easily amused or underwhelmed, and neither is a good place in which to be.  But today (and pretty much every day this past week) I’ve been truly, and fittingly inpired by the amount of extraordinry people we’ve had the privelege of seeing and speaking to.  Mary Robinson?  Stood ten feet away from her for several minutes.  Frieda Hughes?  Got her autograph.  Stephen Rea?  Saw him perform on stage.  And just today we were able to enjoy a comprehensive, enlightening talk by Dr Neil Jarman an had the honor of meeting Greg Barton, the US Consul General.  I am more than starstruck by these people.  I’m more in awe of how humble, focused, and a joy to see and meet they are despite not only their own renown but by their striking difference to certain audience members who are just as self-indulgent as I am.  Under the guise of questions, many attendants seemed more inclined to share their lengthy opinions or their autobiographies rather than ask the speaker questions relating to the topic upon which they spoke.  One person actually interrupted Dr Jarman in the middle of a sentence and requested that he speak slower.  But his politeness, as well as that of Marcus Patten who gave an illustrated talk on the importance of historic architecture, was such that it outshone the ramblings of the audience members.  It sets an example for conduct and proves that it is possible to be successful and not be an ass.