Ok, so first let me say that I feel like my blog posts are so empty when they don’t have a picture…so enjoy a picture of my scribble/notes. 

Now, as for what inspired me today, I was inspired by Dr. Neil Jarman. I should start off by saying that this entire week, I’ve been fascinated by all of the talks related to the peace process in Ireland. I think I’ve attended every session related to the topic. Today, Dr. Jarman was talking about the progress that has been made towards “unfreezing the group hurt” (a term Mary Robinson used). He also discussed issues that still stand in the way, the issues that mean the most. 

Towards the very end of his speech, he started discussing the differences between Ardoin 2012 and Drumcree 1996 (? I think this was the year ?). This past July 12th, there was a riot in Ardoin, but it only lasted a few hours, and the policed stopped the riots in a timely manner. And then? That was it. In 1996, the riots in Drumcree would have gone on for days, sparking other riots, and then moving on to individuals sectarian attacks the weeks and months after. So, even though there is a lot to work on, there are some improvements. Dr. Jarman ended with “We want to get to the point where riots are a jolt to our system, and not a reminder that it is July once again”. That has stuck with me all day.