inspiration du jour

I didn’t experience any revelations today (except for the fact that I should start packing already) but I did attend a couple of sessions that offered some inspirational material. Or at least some information that will probably bounce around in my brain for awhile. For example, in the “Screwing the Tyrants” presentation, I was a little amazed to hear that Armagh buildings were damaged by bombing as recently as the 90’s. I loved seeing the photos of the bombed out buildings and then how they look today, completely restored. Urban demolition/decay fascinates me anyway, but to see buildings I recognize both whole and in disrepair kind of blew my mind. I was also sort of thrilled to see that an organization like Hearth exists to restore these buildings. I remember reading somewhere back in Baltimore how it’s so much cheaper to renovate a building than it is to build from the ground up, and as Patton said, it keeps the historic look and feel to an area.

Related to that, I was also intrigued by Neil Jarman’s statement that the most recently-built peace wall in 2007 — just five years ago. It kind of reiterated how prominent this conflict still is and how the architecture reflects that.