Process: My Procrastinating Creative Beast

It may be an understatement to say that my process is a frustrating thing. I can honestly admit, I do not envy anyone who is handed the task of working with this process and guiding it into a complete product. I once read that creativity is an unseen process, and the work is the product of the creativity. My process is reeeeeally invisible to those not used to it. 


So when I’m given a project it usually consists of:

  • Playing at least 100 games of spider solitaire
  • Eating
  • Having long unrelated conversations with everyone
  • Staying up late
  • Eating some more
  • Avoid the actual task at hand (apparently I like apply a little pressure on myself)
  • Non-stop intake of music
  • Super caffeine intake`
  • Staying up later
  • Cramming to make deadline
  • Desperation mixed with a little fear
  • Sleep

A quick glance could lead to the confused thought, “what the hell is she doing?!” While my invisible process drives everyone in proximity mad, there’s one factor (apart of the process) that inspires productivity. My imagination is wild. An untamed beast with a tendency to wander. This beast allows me to write 10 page papers as I speak, and stories as I watch tv. I take naps and have dreams that help my projects along. The inspiration comes out in fragments. In my mind I see everything clearly and am able to put the fragments together into one solid thing. After long days and nights of procrastination I make the deadline (whether it’s writing, editing, homework, etc. I always make my deadline) just in time. Then it’s off to something new, with the same old process!