“The Process”

Not everything I write is true, but a lot of it is. But with a twist. A fiction, not a lie. I kind of hit the ground running once I got here, reading some Seamus Heaney beforehand and writing drafts of stuff. I typed most of it up in anticipation of working with it here in Ireland. Of course, I haven’t touched it. This place is too inspirational to visit old stuff right now. I’ve got new things to say, new perspective, etc. And fortunately for me, a lot of it is coming out in poem form, though Nessa had me do a stream-of-consciousness exercise (aka “brain dump”) which helps clear out some of the clutter when there’s too many things going on at once. I use that every few days too.

As Martin Lynch told us, a writer needs to get out and live life in order to have something to write about. I figured that out awhile ago in some sense, and I’ve taken it to heart, travelling and exploring as much as possible during my free time. I pretty much despise falling into a dull routine (which hasn’t been an issue since arriving). A lot of times before writing I’ll read some poetry to get warmed up. I’ve been reading a book recommended by Nessa called “The Last Geraldine Officer” by Thomas McCarthy (who, not coincidentally, is reading at the John Hewitt festival). I’ve been working on persona poetry and writing from other perspectives, and she’s recommended a few poems and poets as examples of that as well. As I move into revisions for the poems I’ll be presenting, I’ll continue to come up with new stuff. I also have a few more sites to explore here in Armagh (and a trip to Dublin in the works for this weekend). So hopefully the words keep coming.