Grace Hardy monologue analysis

Grace Hardy, as she’s describing the birth of her stillborn son, is sticking the truth of the matter to Frank.  According to Teddy, Frank wasn’t even present at the birth, but Grace places him at the scene, doing his duty.  I think Grace is cognizant that Frank abandoned her, but by inserting Frank where she thinks he ought to have been she condemns him to the legitimate role of husband.  Throughout this monologue Grace brings up their marriage, saying that on the cross is written “The Infant Child of Francis and Grace Hardy”, and calling Frank’s insistence that she was a mistress and changing her name a mean, hurtful trick.  Teddy’s version of this story is completely different.  He says it was him who built the cross, inscribed the names on it, buried the baby, and was there for Grace.  Afterward, Grace gives him a kiss on his forehead.  If she was somehow delusional and thought Teddy was Frank I don’t think he would have given him such a platonic kiss.  The relationship between Frank and Grace was never platonic of distant, even when they were fighting, which was often, according to Teddy.  He would say that when they fought they would dig the knife in and twist it as hard as they could, then turn around and act like “kids”, leaving Teddy behind and to live indulgently in a hotel for a few days.  He recalls one fight when Grace shouted “Genius!” at Frank over and over again and compelled him to heal himself.  There’s a will there to make Frank feel vulnerable, as if Grace simply wanted to have some sort of effect on him so that he would stop ignoring and undermining her.  Maybe it is for her own sake that she claims that Frank was there during the birth, to finally feel wanted and cared for instead, as she put it, being constantly drained for sustenance.