Script Character Background

First and foremost Connor is very loosely based on Connaire Mor who is the protagonist of The Destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel. Connor is a 21-year-old man who is traveling across Ireland in a bout of self-discovery. Though he may appear light hearted and unconcerned he is running away from some serious problems, including the accidental murder of his father.

Connor is a young man, privileged and a little soft, however he is most certainly still a child. He had a life changing experience in Portugal, which is where his father last confronted him. Unfortunately Connor inadvertently killed his father. However, Connor was guilt stricken and took his father’s head with him and also took his inheritance. His three brothers are on his trail looking for their fair share of the inheritance. His brothers aren’t aware that Connor still has his father’s severed head.

 Connor is really a scare little boy posing as an adult. He is constantly running from his problems and doesn’t know how to correct what he’s broken. When Connor get’s to the hostel he will finally be confronted with a resolution, which is what he really wanted all along.