Faith Healer

The monologue that I chose is from Frank’s first monologue and is a section devoted to his description of Grace. I love this part of Frank’s monologue because it’s our first glimpse into the couple’s dynamic. I see Frank as a despicable human being. I can see that from certain perspectives he could be seen as an almost romantic figure, however, I don’t see it like that. Someone like Frank is a life destroyer, he failed at his own life and he brings those around him down as well.

 Gracie and Frank have a very complicated relationship. They are lovers, husband and wife, business partners, and almost but not quite parents. The problem with characterizing their relationship is that they both see it in a very different light. Frank doesn’t even mention that Gracie is his wife, specifically referring to her as his mistress. Gracie, on the other hand, is clearly dedicated to Frank for some deranged reason. Even when she chalks up the courage to leave him she can only bare to be away from him for one whole night. Frank doesn’t acknowledge their stillborn baby whereas Gracie not only acknowledges it but also recounts how she gave birth in the back of the van and Frank buried it and put up a little cross to mark the spot.

 Frank seen through the eyes of Teddy is also very interesting. I think that in some ways Teddy is in love with Frank. This isn’t a romantic love but there is definitely love involved. There’s no other reason as to why Teddy wouldn’t just leave Frank as he certainly isn’t the most profitable or manageable entertainer. Teddy’s cardinal rule is to keep business relationships just that, business. Clearly he cares deeply for Frank and Gracie. I can’t help but feel a little bit of hero worship in Teddy’s feelings towards Frank.

  think that both Teddy and Gracie are waiting for the next healing to happen. As long as Frank is still able to heal others than his power is real and they haven’t completely thrown their lives away. However, once he can no longer show results, regardless of how much time passes between, that’s when they will all have to acknowledge that their entire lives have been a waste.

 In conclusion I find Frank to be a truly unsympathetic character. He’s a narcissist and possibly a sociopath who is intent on driving his life and the lives of those around him straight into the ground. I’ve met people like him in real life and they aren’t capable of loving anyone but himself or herself. I can see that someone like Frank is a tortured person who would probably have never been happy in life, but I don’t find anything romantic or desirable about that kind of personality.