Creating a back story for Jessica Williams


Saint Patrick’s Cathedral: Roman Catholic

So, I have decided that my play will be about getting lost in Ireland and exploring the religious tensions in Ireland, while comparing them to America. I only have two characters in this play: Jessica Williams & Emma McCann. Here is a back story I created for Jessica:

             Jessica is a 21 year old college student born and raised in Baltimore City, Maryland. She is the youngest of five – two girls, and three boys. John and Mary Williams, Jessica’s parents, are both Catholic and raised their children within the Catholic religion. However, they never forced religion onto their children, they made it an option. They also taught their children to be respectful of other people and other religions, because not everyone shared the same belief system. Jessica is a very compassionate person, turning to her religion for comfort, but not allowing it to cloud her judgment.

            One day, Jessica was having a conversation with a friend when said friend confessed that she had never written or sent a letter via snail mail. This friend confessed that she completely relied on technology. So, Jessica had a moment of inspiration to create a new student group on her campus: Pen Pals International. This way, students from different places could get involved and write letters to one another – all while sharing cultural experiences and traditions.

            Jessica ended up participating in her own program, and became friends with Emma McCann, at the time a 19 year old college student living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Now, two years after starting their pen-pal friendship, the girls are preparing to meet. This is Jessica’s first time abroad, and Emma has kindly offered to house her for two weeks.