On Thursday we went on a trip to the amazing city of Belfast. No offense to Armagh or its citizens but Belfast is where it’s at. It was so nice to be back in a big diverse city that some amazing shopping. After our walk to Arnie’s Backpackers, an incredibly crunchy hostel, we made our to the MAC (Municipal Arts Center) which is where the Tinderbox Theatre works out of.

 Hanna, the literary manager for Tinderbox, a lovely woman who gave us a tour, greeted us. To say that MAC was amazing is understatement. Their theatres and practice rooms were above and beyond anything I had ever seen before. I would kill for the chance to work in such an accommodating space.

 After the tour Hanna took some more time to go through a couple work shopping exercises with us. We really had such a great experience at MAC and with the Tinderbox crew I wish that I could say more about it. Unfortunately we were only able to spend a couple hours at MAC before being thrust back out into the harsh light of reality.

 Following our episode at MAC we went shopping in Belfast and spent the night in the aforementioned hostel. We’re all back in Armagh now and frantically trying to finish our work before class tomorrow.