Tinderbox and Belfast

My cohorts had to practically pry me from leaving Belfast. I actually wound up having to leave this guy at the hostel.

It was hard, I'm not gonna lie.

The atmosphere surrounding Belfast was motion. From the moment we got off the train to getting settled into our tiny nine-bed room at our hostel, the city was in constant, fluid, movement. We spent the first day as a class, meeting members of the Tinderbox Theater Company at the Belfast Municipal Arts Center (MAC).



Our weekend was filled with everything, from education to random barhopping and good eats. Highlights include:

  • Seeing ten original Leonardo Da Vinci drawings (including The Head of Leda) on display at the Ulster Museum
  • Getting life advice and free cigarettes from two off duty cops at a bar called “Filthy McNasty’s”
  • Getting free towels at the hostel for “being such nicely cool people”
  • Eating a banana nutella crepe, two samosas, and a handmade falafel wrap in about twenty minutes flat at St. George’s Market in downtown Belfast
  • Taking a three hour bus rise down the coast to Giant’s Causeway
  • Finding random dogs and making new friends


Spending two days in Belfast was awesome. Unfortunately, this is how I felt trying to write my play today: