Armagh Miniature Street Sculptures: Gargoyles & Angels

This post is kind of a follow-up from my post last Wednesday ( I was, and still am, pretty determined to find all 22 of these little sculptures around Armagh. So, as I go along and find them I’m going to post them here – with their description from the pamphlet. 🙂 Enjoy!


An angel calling the ancient sounds of the area with her famous Loughnashade Iron-Age trumpa, originally found in a lake at nearby Navan Fort.


Proof-reading the latest publication is a serious business even for the editor of the Daily Gargoyle. Or is he just the Printer’s Devil enjoying the sun at lunch break?


Checking the true value of your money by giving it a good old-fashioned bite. That’s how this gargoyle is planning to get through times of recessio


This old boot gargoyle is in desperate need of repair. Perhaps it should ask one of the city’s angels to help mend its sole?


Is this the Mouth of Truth for the new digital age? Perhaps this gargoyle is what future generations will evolve into if we spend too long staring into our laptops?


This banker gargoyle is keeping an eye on the night safe. Just incase you have any funny ideas….


More a will o’ the wisp perhaps than an angel with his gas-lamp lighting pole. It must be serving time.


A free-running angel is scaling the City and performing his urban acrobatics. It’s all made a bit easier though when you’ve got fighter plane wings attached.


Oh the vanity of gargoyles…But then have you ever seen a gargoyle in a pair of glasses?


With his knapsack on his back this gargoyle is leaping the orchard wall and making good his escape with only a backward glance and wave to both us and his fellow gargoyles left forever to gaze down from the ramparts of the cathedral.


This kangaroo-style gargoyle nursing its infant and shielding its eyes is probably just relieved to have escaped being part of the menu… for the present at least!


Such is the burden of a librarian… What angels! This one guards not only the collection of ancient books at the library but also an important hoard of Medieval hand-bells.

So, today we went out and found 9 more of the figures. This means that we have found 21 out of 22. I think we get an A for effort. 🙂 There’s only one that isn’t in the place it’s supposed to be. Going to ask about that tomorrow…

Time to sit and stare. Or is this nonchalant gargoyle waiting for his date to meet him under the clock?

A modern Mercury takes to the air with his Airmail letter wings and parcel. There is, of course, an additional charge for angel delivery.

A classic nose for this rather imperious door-knocker gargoyle who has a Volkswagen Beetle bonnet for a snout. Created from a child’s rather well-loved and discarded toy found in the gutters of the City and given a new lease on life.

More parking warden than decorative feature those beady eyes gazing out over his VW Beetle bonnet-snout might make you doubly careful to pay-and-display before you leave the car-park.

One too many bottles… but at least this gargoyle stuck to drinking bottled water… or so he says…

A spirit guarding the spirit. With wings from a modern American fighter plane, the girl means business. So, under the new political order you’d better order politely.

A call to prayer and remembrance for the City as the monk, complete with his First World War tri-plane wings and monocle, strikes the ancient bell from Terryhoogan, Co. Armagh.

A winged butcher from the olden days of the Shambles slaughterhouse. Not a job for an angel you’d think? But angels like gargoyles have their dark side…

Even angels have to do the shopping. But what’s in the bag? Angel Delight of course…

If we can’t find that last statue…we’re going to improvise.

UPDATE: We found the last gargoyle!!! It was a tricky one. It was actually inside the theater place, wedged between two panes of glass! Tricky!


And it’s done 🙂