Mourn on the 4th of July

So today is Independence Day, the day of our country’s liberation from a tyrannical ruler. In some ways many things have changed, in other ways not that much has changed. To be frank I’m not much of a patriot so this holiday has never meant a whole lot to me. However, I love fireworks, food, friends, and family so it’s still a great day to have fun and reflect on all the liberties we do have.

I’m the first person to complain about America and I’ve always hated the argument that it’s worse in other places therefore we should be thankful for what we do have. As far as I’m concerned every single person should be free to do whatever he or she wants (outside of violence). This is why I’m always perplexed as to why we should be thankful to live in a country where every person does not share the same rights. Everyday people still face discrimination and oppression and aren’t able to live their lives the way they choose to. I don’t want it sound like I’m taking for granted the liberties I do enjoy, it’s just that when so many people still aren’t equal it’s hard to celebrate “independence”.

Regardless of all that it’s still a great day to spend with the people you love and I’m fortunate enough to be in a beautiful place with some really amazing people. I’m happy that I do have the freedom to travel the world with a wacky group of characters and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now.