Independence depends

Fourth of July…right, gonna be honest, I seriously don’t care for the holiday. The balloons, the fireworks, the red white & blue splashed on every surface, the super patriotic ‘merican hoorahs! I’m not knocking anyone that gets into the holiday; it’s just not for me.


I’ve stopped celebrating a majority of conventional holidays and started searching for holidays of my own, ones from different cultures, reevaluating what I want to celebrate and why (even making up a holiday can be way more fulfilling).       


As far as the fourth of July goes, it can be fun (who can argue with fireworks and food?!); I love having that time to spend with my family and friends. Despite the holiday’s benefits, celebrating the fourth of July in the sense of independence is a no go for me. American identity doesn’t come to me by one day of amplified patriotism; it comes with being able to relate to this shared experience of the struggles, triumphs, and joys we all go through in a common climate that is America.