Wake up in the morning feeling like…

It’s hard to capture the initial moment of being in a completely different world, but I’ll give it a try. First, the view from the air was beyond amazing. Coming out of the clouds (the plane had been immersed in a sort of milky sea) and over the island, Ireland looked like an intricate quilt, varying in shades of green patches. Hills, specks of houses, moving dots of people, and the water that surrounds this lush isle; it was all so beautiful! I realized that being able to see a country all at once, miles and miles in bird view, is a rare opportunity; not many humans can fly.


The real feeling of “OMG I’m not in the states” came the next morning. After an intense near coma slumber, induced by some serious jetlag, I awoke in my hostel bed, looked around and then laid back down. I shot back up (yes, like in the movies) and looked out the window. My immediate thought, “What the…” and before I could reach the following “fuck” I remembered “Oooh, still in Ireland, sweet!” It was a miracle that I wasn’t still in Baltimore and just woke up from some cruel yet awesome dream.


My first experience, as I stated before, really can’t be captured in a singular form. I’ve been finding that it’s really the small things that leave me momentarily shocked and awed. I’ll collectively remember the pronunciation of burger king (trust me, was a super magical moment), Sean’s bankcard being eaten, the 150 humps signs, the clouds, and other miniscule things as my first experience; yeah, it’s all about embracing all the little perks of this beautifully shifted (from what I’m used to) world.