O’Casey: Mrs. Henderson

At first I am drawn to the character of Mrs. Henderson because of the way that O’Casey wrote the dialogue. She’s constantly speaking for Mr. Gallogher, always asking him “am i right or am I wrong…?”. She’s always trying to throw big words around, and she is the epitome of the nosy neighbor. She portrays the archetype of the nosy neighbor and the Mrs. Malaprop. She’s that woman who thinks of herself as wiser, and she wants to pass that wisdom on to people.

O’Casey uses her partially for comedic purposes, when she is adding to the continued line of neighbors in and out of Donal and Seumas’ room. But, he also uses her character to be completely at odds with Adolphus Grigson’s view of women, because when the men were cowering from the raid, she was fighting with the black and tans, practically knocking them over. She’s proven to be more patriotic than some of the men, she’s more willing to stand up for herself.