Midnight hope ride

When asked to brainstorm over hope, I had one immediate thought: passive. I thought more on how hope can be passive and what that means for those that literally need hope. Just so it’s clear, this is my stubborn opinion on the word and the effect of the word. Despite my frustration with the word’s effect; it’s easy to relate to the feeling behind it.

The word has a negative connotation. Hope has such a helpless effect, leaving one dangling at the mercy of the fates. The passively hopeful wait around and do just that: hope. Days pass and one lays in wait.

“Where’s that hope?”

“Has it arrived yet?”

“Don’t know, but we can hope.”

What are we hoping for? Why? Is this what we (as individuals) really want? What happens once we reach that hope, that whisper of a goal? I’ve tried to accept this word; it’s a nice idea in theory. Though I believe in the power of positive thinking, if the only thing that’s being done is “hope” I begin to itch for action. It’s true that there are times when nothing else can be done, and all we can do is hope. Accepting hope as a necessity feels like defeat, and I’m a bad loser. It’s a complicated road, that word “hope”, I will hopefully (ha ha) one day walk willingly (without the overbearing feeling of defeat).