Gargoyles and Angels

Yesterday, our first actual day of class, we took a walking tour through Armagh. It was a great opportunity for all of us to take pictures, see these landmarks, and learn the history behind each of them. After almost 3 hours, we parted ways with our tour guide and started heading back towards the hostel. Along the way, we found this little tiny gargoyle watching over the Night Safe at the bank. We were all fascinated by it, and even Sean had his picture taken next to it. Now, fast forwarding to today, Sean told us in class that there were 22 Gargoyles and Angels hidden around Armagh. My new goal is to look for all of them and take a picture of each, and every one of them.

Kerrin, Victoria, and I went to the tourist center on our way out of class, and found a little brochure with all the gargoyles and the areas they’re located (I guess they’re not exactly…hidden). Armed with maps, magazines, booklets, and brochures we went back to the hostel to start working on our assignments (blogs and other works). While we were sitting in the lobby, John at the front desk, told us that some of the gargoyles are missing…which just shattered my hopes a little. He then proceeded to tell us about a barefooted woman who lived at the hostel for several months who wandered around Armagh with no shoes or socks, and was the person that everyone believed was putting up the gargoyles and angels. Apparently she was locked in the church one night and got drunk on wine in the confessional, and lit all the candles. The story made me crack up, and forget the minor disappointment at realizing that I won’t be able to find all 22 gargoyles…but, I can still find all the ones that are still out there…Considering that the sun doesn’t go down until 9 – 10 p.m., I may do that tonight! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope is alive and well my friends.