Espresso Made Me Feel Better.

After getting no real sleep on my flight and trying several different positions to discover optimal comfort, I got off the plane in Dublin with a big, stupid smile on my face.  It’s the kind of happiness whose symptons you can’t really subdue because it’s so hard to locate its source.  I mean, yeah, obviously I had just come to a foreign land for the first time, and it’s Ireland but for some reason that didn’t seem like a sufficient explanation.  I was afraid I would arrive, after all that time and money, and not feel enchanted; maybe it was the relief of having that sensation that mde me unbelievably giddy.  Relief, gratitude, adventure: it’s a hell of a drug.

Of course the jet lag hit later and I thought I was going to pass out.  I waited till the sun set at 10:30 PM (trippy) and slept like a log.

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed but that seemed to vanish as soon as we discussed our syllabus in class the next morning.  Suddenly it was as if I had walked into a class i hadn’t singed up for; I was somewhere i didn’t belong.  The overwhelming sense that I could not do this rose up in my stomach.  Then Kimberley said the magic words:

“Okay, how about a ten minute break?”

I zoomed out of that room with the strongest intuition that coffee would heal all my troubles.  I usually find it slightly annoying when people are like “ZOMG NEED COFFAY DON’T MESS WITH ME BEFORE I’VE HAD MY COFFAY” because it’s almost as if it’s said because it’s expected to be said.  But you would not believe the transformation I went through after sitting down with that espresso.  Within two sips I was suddenly bursting with joy and excitement that I was here and ready to start working and seeing the glory that is Armagh.

And boy did we.  The tour we went on today was spectacular.  It was a tour of the whole town but I think our visits to Armagh’s two cathedrals (both namd St. Patrick) were my favorites.  The Catholic Cathedral actually made me want to go to mass, and I haven’t practiced in years.  I’m unable to take any photos that will do it justice, but here’s an attempt: Image


I know it seems strange to take pictures of the floor (I have many of those), but these designs were taken from the Books of Kells.  I thought it was an appropriate presense of the location of the church.

It’s also equally invigorating that everyone on this trip are quality people.  I have laughed so hard so many times today, and I really feel like I’m among lovely, friendly folks.  All of the students and myself went out to a couple of pubs tonight and it was a grand time for bonding (not to mention m first legal drinks).

Now that I know that coffee will actually, truly, sincerely be a real need, I’m going to get some instant fromt he grocery store tomorrow.