Packing List and Travel Info

I just realized that this weekend is my last opportunity to do any serious shopping for things I need in Armagh.  I’ve heard from lots of people that it is a particularly rainy summer and I don’t have any rain boots or even waterproof walking shoes.  Actually, as I look down at my feet, my Clarks are in desperate need of replacement after having walked them to rags on the hills of Urbino, Italy last summer.  So I need to go shoe shopping.  And I’m not sure if i have enough socks.  When do you ever really have enough socks though?

I don’t want to over pack and I’m committed to just one suitcase. I hate schlepping.

I made a packing list for myself, then thought about it some more and made one that everyone can use.  So I’m going to post that here.

Also here are two websites with great travel advice/tips:

Fodors  and DoChara